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The Development Trend of Chinese Car Part Industry

by cindyli

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China's Auto Parts Development Trend At present, China auto parts are suffering from the problem of exchange rate and inflation. If we want to solve these problems, we not only have to improve our technology level to pull up the added value of the products to resist the exchange rate and inflation problems, but also have to look to the future, and grasp the development trend of auto parts. See from the current situation, there are four big trends for the development of China auto parts.

M & A of International Auto Parts CO. 1. The international industrial transfer speeds up its pace, mergers & acquisitions are very active. At present, most of the domestic auto parts enterprise sales is relatively low, compared with the transnational giants whose sales hit billions of dollars, Chinese auto part enterprise is relatively small. And China's manufacturing exports have been always known for cheap, while the multinational large enterprises begin to develop new markets in order to effectively reduce the production cost. They not only transfer their production link to low production cost region and countries, but also they begin to develop in the R&D, sales and after-sale service.

Custer Development of Auto Parts Co. 2. Now the auto parts enterprises actively implementing their systematic development, modular manufacturing, integrated supply, so the auto parts industry now have a obvious characteristic of clustered development. Seen from the development processing of the world's major <a href="">car part producer</a>, the clustered development of car parts industry and the auto industry development have the same important position. If you want to make it bigger and stronger, you must develop into an industry cluster, this is the strategic choice of auto car parts industry.

Global Purchasing of Auto Parts 3. With the change of the organization structure in auto parts industry, more and more whole-auto factories will step into the car parts purchasing globalization. But from the terms of the characteristics of high quality and low price of China's big manufacturing, China's organization structure in auto parts industry may not be about to change in short times. The global purchasing of auto parts is becoming a trend in the world, but in the near time, China will mainly stay in the position of export and internationalization in the car part industry.

Auto Parts New Tech. Development Trend 4. Development of auto parts new technology shows the following several major trend: the development depth is deepening; the universalization and standardization level of car parts have improved; the electronic and intelligent level of auto parts have improved; the whole auto and lightweight car parts become the development trend in the future; Environmentally friendly technology, clean technology become the highest competition commanding for the future industries.

Vision of China's Car Part Development At present, China's auto parts industry still have many shortcomings, such as bad industrial foundation, unreasonable structure and the shortage of research and development and so on. Comprehensively speaking, all are some long-exist problems. Chinese auto parts enterprises should adopt all kinds of ways to brave the world.

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