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Kitchen Counters: Good Quality Material of Preference

by larabathurst

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When it’s time to purchase a counter for your cooking area, there is no single perfect answer. Kitchen countertops reflect usefulness more than your personal cooking style, and there are lots of alternatives for the material. Laminate counters once dominated kitchen areas in Illinois, now there are more attractive and durable counter choices, each with its unique set of benefits, quirks, and style and design possibilities.

A number of countertop materials are created to always appear new, while some are built to mature gracefully. A few of them need a maintenance application of wax, oil, or sealer, while some need only to be wiped thoroughly clean every now and then. Some are about projecting an natural quality although some glamorize the manufactured look. Whatever countertop material you decide on, you have to choose one that marries the appropriate fit of form and function for your house.


The most common natural stone counters come from quartzite, granite, and marble. Granite is really lustrous, and is the most durable selection for a stone kitchen counter. Marbles are more permeable and acids like juices or vinegar can etch the surface area after a while, but many people actually prefer the etched look. If you like the light color of marble with the toughness of granite, then quartzite will be well suited for you.

Recycled material

The more environmentally-conscious homeowners like countertops created from ecological and recyclable sources. A preferred choice is the countertop produced from a combination of concrete and colored glass chips. If recycled glass is not your thing, there’s another that’s made by blending together recycled paper with resin.


Metal countertops typically consist of a metal sheet wrapped around a water-resistant fiberboard. Stainless steel is regarded as the strongest countertop materials on the market, and it won’t rust or stain. All you have to do is scrub it and it will look completely new even after generations have gone by. Other metal countertop choices for kitchen remodeling Naperville locals choose are copper and zinc. They get scratched easily, but they make a natural blemish that looks good as time goes by.


Wood countertops continue to be a favorite option for those who likes a warm material for their Downers Grove kitchen remodeling development. When getting a wood kitchen counter, first consider the kind of wood. There are lots of options that run the range from exotic to ordinary. If you want strength, try the jatoba from Brazil. If you want gentleness, consider the butternut.

No matter what kitchen counter material you opt for, you should definitely consult a Westmont kitchen remodeling professional to ascertain correct installation. Know more about kitchen countertops from

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