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Four Things a Paid Video Hosting Solution Can Do for You

by roseector

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Do you enjoy making videos of yourself teaching or sharing something to your intended viewers? If you especially run a business with an online presence, creating and sharing a video of yourself is a great way to get people’s attention. If your videos reflect value and enthusiasm, the audience is more likely to share them with others and gain you fans—or even customers.


Online, one immensely popular place to post your videos on is YouTube. Considering that YouTube got more than 1 trillion views in 2011, tap even just .01 percent of that and you still have a lot of people watching. Interestingly, there are paid video hosting solutions out there despite YouTube being free, perhaps making you to wonder what exactly those paid services can do that YouTube can’t. You’re about to find out four things paid video solutions can do for you, particularly your business.




Whenever you use YouTube’s video hosting, it shows their branded logo. Do you sometimes wish you can easily remove YouTube’s logo so people can focus on you instead? A video hosting service can do that, allowing your video to be exclusively about you.




YouTube allows users to view analytics or specific details about their videos. Users can see which of their videos are the most popular, how many views they got, or what their demographics are. However, some people feel YouTube’s analytics is too basic, not providing more in-depth detail. A paid video solution can provide more information such as comparing performance by dates, seeing where viewers stopped watching a video, or knowing where viewers are from.




Currently, YouTube doesn’t provide direct support. Support is limited to their online forum or their Help Center for common issues, be it for a personal account or for using YouTube for business. You get more forms of support with a paid solution, anywhere from personalized email to calling them directly on the phone.




One risk when going online is having your account compromised in some way. Because of YouTube’s size and lack of direct support, you’ll unfortunately have little help from them if that happens. A business video hosting provider allows you more control over your account and videos, and their customer support can help you regain your account if the need arises.


There are other things even a small business video hosting provider can do like oversee online conversations and give you more control of your videos. Which option to use is up to you depending on your needs. Read more about video hosting at

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