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Data Availability with BES and Client Access Licenses

by kellybrueggemann

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There’s no question about the power of smartphones in recent times. Not only have smartphone creators like BlackBerry altered the way we correspond with each other, they have also evolved the way we conduct business. Ever since its launch in 2004, the BlackBerry has become a dream come true for pre-occupied professionals as this device not only permits them to make trouble-free calls but also linked them to their office via e-mail, instant messaging, or server client access license (CAL).

The server client access license works like a remote desktop connection or RDP, where one can connect to your programs as well as your files in any computer that is equipped with RDP. CAL is a sort of software that’s specifically personalized to suit your smartphone in order to have legitimate access to your company’s enterprise server. If you own a business that lives on real-time communication, then purchasing BlackBerry CAL software ought to be on your to-do list. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from the following benefits.

Superb Virus Protection

Smartphones are designed to connect to the Web with great ease, making these units susceptible to malwares as well as other viruses. Smartphones like the BlackBerry offer instant accessibility to social networks, which typically are the common focus of viruses. A CAL software will work as a shield from these damaging elements and secure the smartphone from virus attacks.

Easy Access to Company Apps

We all know how game applications can amuse us a lot, while business programs are designed to simplify our work processes. Server CALs give users access to real-time data like delivery order fulfillment or sales transactions and user-to-user applications like Microsoft Exchange scheduling, email, calendar, and address book. If a manager directs a member of his staff to give goods to a distinct area and the staff does not accomplish the task promptly, the manager can automatically know about it and come up with a plan of action.

CAL Makes Communication Faster

Any company owner sees that one of the keys to a productive enterprise is effective interaction among all employees. With a server CAL, staff members can gain access to company e-mail instantly and set up a conference that matches everyone’s routine. If they should reply to an e-mail, CAL can synchronize their PC with their smartphones, and fire an e-mail instantly.

Keep in mind that BlackBerry CALs may not function if they aren’t licensed by the enterprise servers and don’t have the required BlackBerry licenses. So to ensure smooth business functions, ensure that your IT personnel are proficient on how to run a server client access license with no problem. To learn more, go to

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