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The Trends that Hairstyles Have Undergone Over the Years

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The pursuit of aesthetics has unquestionably helped shaped the path of human history. Fashion, cuisine, and even the politics of countries around the world have been influenced by it. One of the most prominent features of physical beauty is hairstyle, and throughout the ages people strove to transform it into a manifestation of their social rank and individuality.

Early Egyptians were thought to make use of hair extensions as soon as 3400 BCE. They considered hairstyling as an art, and they designed shoulder-length or long hair pieces according to their personal preferences. Fast forward to the mid-1840s, through the Victorian age, the Austrian Empress Elizabeth created a craze by putting flowers in her own intricately coiffed hair.

Hollywood during the 1930s, on the other hand, was a time of flashy Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz cars, the increase of promising fashion designers, and glamorous celebrities like Jean Harlow and Bette Davis who wore soft tresses that grew to be the standard for women almost everywhere. It was remarkably distinctive from the hair do worn by women and men in the 1970s, wherein the former typically donned ‘hippie hair’ coupled with a substantial quantity of hairspray, and many of the latter opted to have long, flowing hair like the music icon Karen Carpenter.

Contemporary hair extension is a great way to put distinct dimensions and patterns to an individual's hair. Its enormous popularity can be attributed to the fact that it’s very versatile: it may be dyed, straightened, and curled according to the need. Of course, the method to affix hair extensions has likewise seen many improvements. From initially using bees wax, people today commonly use chemicals to affix hair. This can, however, be destructive and taxing for the hair. A new process known as hair weave was formulated recently. It attaches hair extensions minus the aid of chemicals, thereby keeping hair from deterioration.

There are several types of extensions. Brazilian hair is one of the most famed hair extensions available. So-called since it has its origins in Brazil, it has a silky smooth, soft feel and natural waves, enabling it to conform to any hairstyle. Also, it is noted for its longevity; with appropriate care and maintenance, these extensions can last for a long period.

Another outstanding hair extension is the Malaysian hair. This hair type is ideal for people that would like to bring volume to their hair. It is also ideal for use with hair dyes. For more info about hair extensions, explore

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