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Making an Invoice with Excel

by anonymous

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There are seven main steps that a person needs to do in order to make an Excel Invoice. The first step is to load the program that is available through Microsoft. Then a person can click within the program on the File button and then New so that a person can open up a new workbook within the program.

The second step is to find the Microsoft Office Online button(or something similar to that). This is going to be on the left side of the dialog box within the website. Then there is going to be an Invoices button, which is where a person is going to find a variety of different invoices.

The third step is to go through all of those invoices that are going to be available to you over the Internet. A person is going to have the choice of the basic invoices along with some forms that a person might need for their invoice. All a person has to do is click on it and download it.

The fourth step is to fill out of the fields of the invoice form. This means that a person is going to need to know the name of their company, the address of the company, the company's logo, and the customer's ID number. A person might also need to know what the payment terms are going to be.

The fifth step is to save the invoice template once you have all of this information filled out. This is going to need to be a folder that you are going to be able to find on your computer. Then a person needs the name the template based on the customer.

The sixth step is to fill out the rest of the information that it is going to be needed for the customer. This information can include the products that got delivered, number of Excel Invoice, date it needs to be delivered, and the customer's mailing address. Every time that the customer orders something from you, they are going to need a new number.

The seventh step is to print out the Excel Invoice. This is so that it can be mailed to the customer. The company can also save it as a PDF so that it can be emailed to the customer. Even way it is all about what is going to be most convenient for the customer.


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