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The cheap girls are the best thing about Earls Court

by Brunosammartino

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We’ve all been there when you’ve stumbled upon a popular tourist destination, and there just seems to a popular consensus between all the visitors to be as slow as possible, walk RIGHT in the middle of the pavement, and act like the Tube barriers are the most complicated things they’ve ever seen. Alas, they are not. You put your card in and walk! It’s really rather simple. But this isn’t even the most annoying thing! It’s the fact that anything, anywhere else, would be so much cheaper. But because you’re in a particular part of town, the prices apparently NEED to be a lot more, for exactly the same thing. The best one we’ve ever seen is at popular fast food joint that is fifty pence different on the other side of the city. We understand that it is only 50p, but it’s not only the principal but if you start to add that up with all the additional customers, it’s a bit silly.

Whilst it’s not in the guidebooks, if you shout about it, everyone will want some of it, it’s certainly something that’s worth taking a look at. If you’re a Londoner and are just looking for some companionship, or you’re visiting us from out of town, then most definitely indulge in some time with the cheap Earls Court escorts that are available to you. Before you ask, ‘what’s the catch?’, there really is none. Which is quite refreshing, given that the area you’re in in the city shouldn’t make one bit of difference. We understand that for different things, yes there will be different prices. For example, the seared scallops and Don Perignon will be more expensive in Belgravia than the fish and chip shop out Woolwich way. Having said that, we like the latter because we know there will be no pretentious attitude, which we simply cannot stomach. Like the cheap escorts in Earls Court, there is no judgment, just enjoyment. Oh, we like that. That might just have to be our catchphrase...

For those that have perhaps visited the area, visiting the ever so popular Miss Q’s, the sensationally satisfying GBK or the chilled out Pembroke pub is an absolute must with the clientele. But sometimes a big meal just won’t cut it. There needs to be some human interaction; and we imagine that a night down the pub is starting to wear thin, not like one of the Earls Court escorts. Propping up the bar by oneself of a Friday night is never fun. Especially if you think about what could be happening in Earls Court. Some poor lad is caught behind a truckload of tourists that have apparently never walked in a straight line, before!


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