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Become A Bathroom Specialist And Design Your Own Bathroom

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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? There is a lot of variety of bathroom accessories and furniture to choose from. Moreover, you don’t need to hire bathroom specialists for the task. With the array of options available in the market, the entire process has become cost effective and quick. Planning for bathroom can be frustrating since it’s not an everyday job, since it requires technical knowledge of the entire plumbing system including water flow and drainage functionalities. Bathroom is indeed one of the most visited rooms of the household. Keeping it clean and odor free is a task in itself. Planning should cover all the aspects of proper functioning, maintenance, looks and budget together. With the help of following tips one can easily plan and become one of those high paid bathroom specialists in a jiffy.

  • First thing is to make a floor plan using metric measurements. You can draw out a plan on graph paper showing basic components of the restroom.
  • You should count the exact floor area of the bathroom which will give you an idea of the space available.
  • Next, one can do a little research online and finalize few bathroom plans which will cover similar area. You can also check some interior design magazines and get an overview of how you want to go about the design.
  • If you are dealing with small bathrooms, opt for corner sinks or toilets to save the space.
  • You can also go for shower enclosures as they save a lot of space and look stylish.
  • For making it look bigger and spacious, one can use bright wall paints, try to place mirror opposite to the window, use brighter lights and keep the floor space clutter free.
  • Add a fun element, experiment with colors. You can use bright printed shower curtain, rugs and napkins. You can involve your children in choosing the patterns and designs.
  • Ventilation is very important. So check if you have a window big enough to keep the air circulating or if there is no window you can think about fitting an electric fan.
  • If using glass enclosures, make sure they are safe and easy to install. There are a variety of shower kits available in the market, find the right one which will meet your family’s requirements.
  • Finally make sure you gain the relevant building regulations approval-including drainage, electrical, ventilation and check glass safety standards are met.

Compact furniture and clutter free designs are in trend. All the above tips will help you redesign your bathroom without wasting any time and hiring any of those bathroom specialists.

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