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Make your friend happy with friendship quotes

by liyo89

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There are lots of people who like to read books on life quotes and etc this quotes teach people that what is life? in this quotes author has explained that life without god is a life with crisis. Life is more than possession of wealth, position or power. It is really full of excitement and fun if people have the right foundation and ambition. People who have these and more are still very unhappy. Some of them even commit suicide. Yet in this life, there are only few people who actually enjoy life because they are hard hearted person. In fact every person have problems in life but god helps those people who enjoy the life with fun and excitement.


Dream makes life happy and excitement why people dream? They dream to execute their goals to know more quotes about dreams they visit online sites as everyone knows that without dream life is useless everyone has a goal in life and to achieve goals they dream. Dreams are to be cherished, to be enjoyed and must not be forgotten the next morning because they form the base for your achievements to come.Human minds have an ability to remember things, so they can create anticipations, truths and reality that look very real to us.


After this friendship is also necessary in human life there are lots of people who share friendship quotes to enjoy and to ripe their friendship.There are many quotes that beautifully describe the wonder of friendship. True friendship is necessary to pour happiness in life finding a true friend is a priceless gift that can be cherished at all stages of life. There are lots of people who store collection of friendship quotes to memorize it and remain happy.


They knows that everything happens for a reason each and everything is fixed they get depressed due to some incidents happens in life. In this cruel world one person push to another person and take advantage so eventually trust nobody. Sometimes a person teaches to another person while stepping in his life that who is he/she and for what purpose his/her birth on the earth.

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