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Everything about Kimchi

by rickpetko91791

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Kimchi is a very famous traditional Korean dish made up of vegetables with assorted seasonings. It is a very delicious cabbage dish. Kimchi has always attracted connoisseurs towards it due to its mouth watering taste and tempting smell. The basic type of Kimchi comprises of several ingredients like napa cabbage, cucumbers, daikon radishes and several other ingredients. It is made by salting cabbage and then dressed with ginger, garlic, pepper powder, radish and scallions. This mixture is then fermented slowly in clay containers. According to researches Koreans are eatingKimchi from past several years. And till date, it has been served as the traditional delicacy of Korea.


Apart from its delicious and mouth watering taste this dish is a great source of fiber, chemicals and nutrients. The chemicals present in Kim Chi help combat cancers of lungs, throat, bladder, mouth, stomach, etc. From the very stating of invention of Kimchi, people have believed that it could protect infection and now even it is proven. Kimchi is a super spicy and exotic dish, it is a great appetizer. It’s mixed flavors like peppery, garlicky, and pungent pickled give it a very unique and extraordinary taste. And one can proudly say that Kimchi represents Korea and its flavors.


Kimchee is widely recognized as the one of the healthiest dish present on this planet. It is low in calories and high in vitamins including C, B1, B2, B12 and presence of calcium, minerals, irons and several other bacteria offer you a healthy diet that can be easily digested. Koreans regard this dish as a miraculous cure that will make you strong, give you glow and prevent cancer. You will feel delighted to know that there is a museum in Korea that is dedicated to this Korean delicacy Kim Chee, where you can learn everything about this dish. There are several restaurants that serve you this delicacy and help you enjoy the true Korean flavors as well as help you maintain a healthy life style. So, what are you waiting your visit your nearest Korean restaurant now, and enjoy this spicy Korean dish.

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