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Garage Door Concerns and Fixes for Salt Lake City Locals

by sharronfolkes

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Even though most doors in your household open sideways, garage doors have the unique distinction of needing to swing up-and-down. Because of this setup, garage doors need to fight gravity, and as such are more susceptible to damage. Thankfully, almost all garage doors can be fixed with a little knowledge here and some tweaks there.

Despite their variety, garage doors hinge on the correct working of a spring system that aids movement. The door panel rolls on tracks built into the walls of the garage or ceiling, while the spring system carries the door's weight. You should not typically have to contend with an excessive amount of resistance anytime you move garage doors; otherwise, repairs may be in order. Way before you consider doing anything to overhaul your garage door, you should identify the main cause of a few common repair issues.

Doors frozen shut. This is mostly problematic as a result of Utah's extreme winters as the cold induces the door's mechanisms to freeze and become difficult to use. Apply de-icing products or even an electric blow dryer to thaw the sleet and frost on the surfaces and sides before you attempt opening a frozen door. As soon as it's open, eliminate any and all traces of moisture.

Noisy Door. It's understandably cringe-worthy to hear your garage as it makes an irritating creaking sound each and every time you open or close it. If incorrectly repaired, the door components may become dirty or damaged. Inspect these for clues of wear and tear, and clean as required.

Opening Problems. The exact same irritation you feel when your computer programs sometimes seem unwilling to open as you repeatedly hit the mouse might be what you'll have to contend with every time your garage door simply refuses to shift regardless of how many times you hit the switch. Determine if there's anything amiss with the power source. For instance, the limit switch may also require modification. In case you can't trace the problem to these, consider the kind of good garage door service Salt Lake City contractors have to offer.

Replacement. Even after repairing what needs to be fixed, and cleaning what needs to be cleared, some types of garage doors Salt Lake City homes have might still not work properly. Carefully evaluate the benefits of a new garage door against the costs of holding on to your existing one. You can certainly go for a new door that's quite close to your old one; or perhaps you could consider a brand-new design completely.

Consult pros who repair garage doors Salt Lake City when you just can't keep figuring out solutions as to why the door got jammed in the first place. Keep your garage door in excellent condition, and every trip home will probably be more peaceful than stress filled for you. For more details on how garage doors operate, as well as a step-by-step manual on mending them, go to

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