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Most-Wanted iPhone 5 Features

by liyo89

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There’s no doubt about it – the most talked about (and hyped up) new piece of technology through all of 2012 has been the iPhone 5. And with speculation rife across the 4 corners of the web that its release date will be brought forward to as early as September this year, many Apple enthusiasts are already speculating as to what new-fangled features the iBoys have up their sleeves this time around.

So, not one to be left trailing behind the bandwagon with the tumbleweed, here’s my (fantastic) most-wanted list for the new iPhone 5 cases



  1. Longer Battery Life

One of the most irritating aspects of not just iPhones, but practically all smart phones, is their inability to handle - at best - a day of heavy usage and remain conscious at the end of it. There have been multiple occasions in the past whereby I have actually feared receiving a call, should it immediately drain the remaining 2 bars of my phone’s battery.

It’s all well and good filing through your active programs and deactivating any potential battery-zombies, but to be honest we shouldn’t have to.



  1. Flash Support

Okay, so there may very well be more chance of hell freezing over than the iPhone 5 including flash support, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pray to the Big White Apple that I’ll be able to view everything the web has to offer on my new phone.

I know there are arguments against the use of Flash, but surely this should be a choice made by those who consume the content – us!



  1. Video Chat

Should it make the final cut, this may seem like a gimmicky extra to a lot of people, but I imagine there will also be a huge wave of support from the rest of us – business partners, remote family members (not to mention those struggling to keep their long-distance love-life on fire, wink wink).



  1. Larger Display

There have been too many occasions when either I’ve been perusing the internet on my phone, flicking through photo’s, or just trying to read which darn road I’m on via Google maps, when I’ve thought to myself how great an extra inch of screen real estate would be.

Of course, this would have to be balanced against a healthy looking battery life (you already know my position on that one) and a readiness to still slip easily into my jeans pocket without looking mightily suspicious.



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