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For Professional Photo To Canvas Transfers

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About professional photo to canvas transfers

There are several advantages of professional printing of Giclee photos to canvas. It is not only about durability of the canvas print and its perceived value. You can turn photos on canvas prints into a powerful marketing tool and improve upon the price of the original. There is no denying that the canvas prints match the original very closely, almost perfectly. It’s therefore obvious that more and more people will enjoy and appreciate art the way it was always meant to be. There are several fine art photographers that offer only photos to canvas prints since canvas printing is more like a value added market and has now become very profitable. There are several types of substrates that cater to a large base in taste. There are several kinds of canvas materials too. Some of these are pure cotton and cotton/poly. You have a variety of coating as well with either of the high or medium white point. There are canvas prints on offer with an acid free coating too.

The average home owner wants beautiful paintings to adorn the wall space at home whether in the living room or the kitchen and the bedroom or the dining room. However, people do not want posters. They want art in their homes. This art has so far been unaffordable. Today the Giclee décor market has changed all that. Photos on canvas prints are a huge market these days. You therefore do not need to bust a thousand dollars and more on an original not even knowing whether or not it will go well with the décor ultimately. Canvas prints are very close to the original, so close in fact that sometimes only a connoisseur can tell the difference. These therefore present a low cost alternative and people are willing to make an investment in them today. Each piece becomes unique due to the added value and you will find artists reselling art with a much better mark up price as compared to the one on regular paper.

Giclee photos to canvas are in the high quality domain due to artists and photographers that dared to think differently. The print is archival and you can hang them without any glass covering on top. The Giclee photos on canvas prints are produced with special substrate and there are artists that spend their time more profitably today painting over canvas prints creating pieces that are unique each time. There are different types of canvas and the finest of substrates. These are specially coated with a UV and scratch resistant varnish. All the canvas is supplied by the US and the canvas can be mounted in the same way as you would an oil painting or acrylic painting. Since the canvas is coated it is just as durable as the original.

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