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Bail Bonds – The basics

by anonymous

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If your significant other has been arrested, the easiest and fastest way to bail him/her out is courtesy of the services of a bail bondsman. Bail bonds are set after the identification of the defendant at the police station has been concluded, and this process can take up to six hours or even longer. Afterwards, the defendant is afforded a call to his/her loved one, lawyer or a bail bondsman. It is generally advised that a defendant settles the bail amount as it is refundable.

However, if the amount is unachievable a bail bonds agency can come into play whereby the defendant will pay a non-refundable 10% of the bail amount and the agency will in turn pay the authorities the full bail amount. The defendant/s or his/her representative will be grilled about their financial status, their jobs, if they own a house, and so forth. The agency uses this information to ascertain the risk of bailing out the defendant knowing full well that it is its responsibility to ensure the defendant turns up for his/her hearing in court on the preset date.

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