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Brisbane, How to Lose Weight & Feel Great this summer

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Do you ever catch yourself thinking how much happier and healthier you would feel if you lost those last few kilos. You are not alone; almost 60% of Brisbane residents are overweight and need to lose weight.


Have you tried countless weight loss diets but failed to lose weight?


Or even worse yet, you have reached your goal weight only to put it all straight back on.


Well … you too can now lose weight with the HcG weight loss program.


Brisbane based Naturopathic Clinic, Capalaba Natural Health, specialise in helping people lose weight and have extensively used the HcG diet to help many of their client lose weight and keep it off.


In fact, the average weight loss for the HcG diet is around 2 Kg per week, though it’s not uncommon for clients to lose up to 4 kg per week.


Does it work?


  • Natalie, who had unsuccessfully tried every diet going to lose weight, lost 5.5 kg in 3 weeks

  • Donald Lost 9.3 kg in 3 weeks

  • Sue lost 9.2 kg in 3 weeks

  • Brian lost 11.5 kg in 5 weeks

  • Carlo lost 11.8 kg in 3 weeks


Interestingly, the HcG diet seems to work very effectively on people who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight on other diets.


What is HcG and how has this weight loss program helped many Brisbane residents to lose weight and keep it off?


HcG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is found in both men and women. HcG is also a hormone that is secreted in pregnancy. It has the ability to protect the foetus from starvation in times of famine by liberating the long term pathological brown fat stores of the woman’s body as a source of food.


It has been found that using natural HcG drops while on a 500calorie, the body will liberate fat stores and burns them for energy.


Because HCG liberates the fat stores into your blood stream, most people report having little or no appetite on this protocol, while they lose weight.


Often people also experience pain reduction during the diet.


Brisbane’s weight loss specialists


Capalaba Natural Health, use state of the art technology to monitor your body composition while you lose weight, ensuring that you are losing fat and maintaining muscle. They also monitor your inflammation levels, fluid retention and biological age.


Watching your biological age drop as you lose weight is great fun.


So Brisbane,

If you are unsure why you should lose weight, here are

8 reasons to lose weight this summer:


  1. When you lose weight, you will experience increased energy levels.

  2. When you lose weight, you will reduce your cardiovascular risk

  3. When you lose weight, it will help to balance your blood sugar levels

  4. When you lose weight, it helps to normalise blood pressure levels

  5. When you lose weight, you will look great and feel great

  6. When you lose weight, often your sexual function improves, particularly erectile function in men.

  7. Overweight men and women are known to have higher rates of infertility.

  8. Let’s lose weight Brisbane and make our state the healthiest and happiest state in Australia


The HcG weight loss program is an easy to follow, fat burning system that will help you to lose weight and keep it off. It is safe, easy to follow and gets great results.


If you too want to lose weight and keep it off, then why not call Capalaba Natural Health, one of Brisbane’s leading weight loss clinics and ask them about the HcG weight loss program. They will help you lose weight, help you stay focused on your goal and journey and make it a fun experience.


You can learn more about Capalaba Natural Health and the HcG weight loss diet at or call 3823 3103.

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