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Selecting Right Stretcher Frame

by Editor123

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People who regularly work with differently-sized canvases often
remain in search of good quality stretcher frame and artist stretcher
bars. Finding stretcher bars and frames is not difficult. They are
easily available at the stores that offer artist’s supplies. They can
also be bought online from numerous web portals that specialize in such
products. Yet you need to carefully inspect their build and quality to
set your hands on the finest products.

Important considerations


Wood’s dimensional stability is one of the major concerns when
buying artist stretcher bars. In simple words, it is the frame’s
ability to stay in shape while being used for stretching a piece of
canvas. It is true that stretcher frame
is subjected to immense pressure while being used, especially in the
case of large canvases. With the passage of time, this pressure makes
the stretcher bars and stretcher frames to bend, warp or sometimes even
snap. This not only makes the canvas unusable but also leads to
unnecessary hassle of dismantling the old frame and reattaching the new


To avoid such problems, numerous stretcher strips manufacturers have
started utilizing nifty engineering innovations for making their
products more durable, sturdier and stronger. Products manufactured
with precision and skill offer better resistance to bending, twisting
and warping. That is why, it is good to buy high quality stretcher
frame that offers better stability to your canvas. If you search
online, you will find a large number of excellent brands of stretcher

Wood quality


Quality of wood is another thing that you need to check upon. Try to
buy stretcher strips that are made of either oak wood or pine wood.
Pine and Oak not only offer great appearance but great durability, as
well. High quality stretcher bars add an everlasting value to your
canvas and last for longer time periods. The moisture content of the
stretcher bars purchased by you should not be more than eight percent
as bars with high moisture content can be harmful for your artwork. The
bars should be water-resistant and compatible with different kinds of
colors that contain pigment and dye based inks.

Stretcher Bars Design


Design of the stretcher strips
also plays a vital role in determining their life and quality. Well-
designed and durable stretcher frames are usually provided with finger
joints and rounded back edges to avoid twists and warp. Artist
stretcher bars are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, you
can easily find one, as per your specific requirements.

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