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Should you Have a Flash-Based Website

by anonymous

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It's always a good feeling to have an animated flash website with lot of interactivity But as they say ‘all that glitters is not gold’. There is no doubt that a flash website i much more pleasing on the eyes and has many advantages over the conventiona HTML based websites, but there are some drawbacks also which can make the site experience a nightmare instead of a dream.

The idea is to understand if a flash website is the right solution for you. Let us understand the pros and cons in depth. The biggest advantage of a flash website is its smooth flowing graphics the instantly catch the attention of the visitor.Flash action-script opens up a vast field of possibilities. Programmers and designers have used flash to create interactive features ranging from very lively feedback forms to full fledged flash-based games This whole new level of interactivity will always leave visitors coming back for more.

Another plus point of a flash website over the HTML based website is that we don’t need to check for cross browser compatibility in flash websites. They are standard sites suited for all the browsers. It might sound like a small advantage but any website designer will tell you how difficult it can be to attain cross browse compatibility with HTML websites. The single most problematic area of flash websites is that the content in these websites is image based and not text based like HTML website.

It means that search engines are not able to read this content; hence, we are not able to get good rankings in search engines. This is a major drawback for websites whose busines is search engine driven as they can’t afford to have a flash website. At best, the can have some flash animations on the website but the entire site in flash will spe troubles.

Flash websites are always slow loading in comparison and if they are loaded with heavy pictures (which most flash websites are) then the loading can be very long Again, some people are ok with slow loading but for many it’s a big turn off. It’always a risk you are taking. A recent problem is that some tablets and mobile phones don’t support flash Although, it’s a brand specific and most likely a temporary problem but the mas popularity of these products has made companies shy away from flash websites.

To sum it up, flash websites are a beautiful gift that you can give to your online presence but the question is whether the gift is worth it or not. The answer i different for different people and so is the suitability of flash websites.For More Detail Visit :

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