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File Folders: Organize Your Student Files with File Storage

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Organize Your College Papers with File Folders, Bins & More

Staying organized is an important strategy to master for a successful college experience. Creating a filing and organizational system for your papers can seem daunting at first, but breaking the task down into a few simple steps helps make the process manageable.

Determine where papers should go: filing cabinet or trash can?

To start filing your papers, first create two piles: one to throw away and one to keep. Don’t feel compelled to keep every scrap of paper that comes your way. For example, you can toss the pizza receipts and an old test from a class two years ago, but you should hang on to your digital camera receipt and any class work you currently reference. Then, determine which papers are important and need to be kept in file folders.

Dedicate file folders for each subject

Next, you’ll need a supply of file folders on hand. For personal items such as legal documents or receipts, basic manila file folders work perfectly. Be sure to clearly label each one so the contents can be quickly identified. For things like class work or documents related to campus activities, try designer folders in bold colors and unique prints. These will spruce up your filing system and add a touch of personality. Plus, they’re ideal if you like to color-code your files.

Once you’ve decided on the type of file folders you want to use, look through your papers and decide how they can be grouped into subjects and common themes. Then, dedicate a file folder to each theme. Some examples of common themes in your filing systems might include:

- Personal items:

• Receipts

• Warranty information

• Student loan

• FAFSA information

• Bank statements

• Credit card information and statements

• Tuition

• Housing/Lease Information

• Health insurance

• Medical and prescription information

• Car insurance

• Car maintenance

• Car loan

- Class work and school items:

• Class notes

• Recent tests

• Handouts

• Reference material

Place file folders into filing cabinets, bins or boxes

Once you’ve put your papers into the corresponding file folders, you’re ready to file. It’s best to place manila folders into file storage boxes or similar storage units rather than leaving them spread out on your desk or piled on your dorm room floor.

Choose from several types of filing storage available:

-Filing Cabinets

With high-volume capacity and excellent durability, file cabinets are a great way to store your papers. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including metal, wood, vertical and lateral. Fireproof filing cabinets are also an option for important documents like insurance or medical information. Plus, filing cabinets can double as a bedside table if space in your dorm room or apartment is limited.

- Plastic storage bins

Plastic storage bins are another great option for organizing your file folders. These are often a little more economical than filing cabinets, which makes them ideal for students on a budget. Plus, plastic storage bins come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your space. They are lightweight and versatile, making them simple to move back and forth between college and home. Plastic storage bins can also be placed under your bed to save space.

- File storage boxes

File storage boxes are a third option for storing your manila folders. These boxes come with handles that make them convenient to carry. File storage boxes are available in legal or letter size and can be ordered with detachable or attached tops.

With so many important papers to keep track of in college, maintaining an effective filing system is essential. And since it only takes a few simple steps and some inexpensive supplies to create one, it’s well worth the investment.


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