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History of Sushi

by koorestaurant

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When people think of sushi, they almost immediately envision raw fish. Historically speaking, sushi is about the rice and may or may not include raw fish. With this common misconception, many people are closed off to trying the delicious and unique dish. Boy are they missing out!

At Koo Restaurant, we bring Japanese flavors to Marlboro, NJ with our extensive menu of Asian Fusion foods. We create only the finest sushi and sashimi, and want to introduce our newcomers to the fabulous tastes and flavors! To get you started, we are serving up some history of sushi!

Sushi vs. Sashimi

First off, we want to explain to you the difference between sushi and sashimi. Sushi is any dish made with vinegar rice, most often consisting of crab, lobster or cooked fish along with fresh ingredients, wrapped tightly inside sticky vinegar rice. Dishes made with raw fish are referred to as sashimi, which we also offer at Koo! Sushi dishes sometimes however, include raw fish. Now that that’s cleared up-onto the history!


In Japan, sushi dates back to 700 A.D. Fish was salted and then sandwiched between layers of rice, then pressed down with heavy stones. This process preserved the fish for months, even years by pickling the fish. The rice was used to start the fermenting process and was thrown out afterwards, as they only consumed the fish.


Food shortages came years later, and rice became too valuable to discard. This is when sushi became more of a cuisine rather than a way of preserving fish. Japanese people shortened the curing time to three to four weeks and would eat the fish and the rice. Because of the shortened process, the fish was safe to eat, yet a little on the raw side. The rich and fish began to take on a sour flavor due to the fermentation, which people loved!


People began experimenting with recipes, and discovered that by making rice with a little vinegar, the same sour taste came through. The good news was that the fermentation time was drastically reduced to one or two days tops!

Health Benefits

Sushi is more popular now than ever. Since people are much more health conscious, they are happy to see that sushi is low in fat, loaded with nutrients and quick to make! Because of the fish, sushi is high in protein and a great source for Omega 3 fatty acid. Seaweed and rice are also used in sushi, making this meal rich in iodine and complex carbohydrates.

It is fascinating to see that a means of preserving fish is now a work of art at Koo Restaurant!  The preparation of sushi is a skill and we can’t wait to wow you with our inventive creations! If you’re looking to eat a food rich in history, flavor and nutrients, come visit us at Koo for some delicious neo-Japanese cuisine! “Like” us on Facebook to find out about our manager’s and lunch specials, and to find out about free delivery!

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