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Use Flash With a Caution

by kunwarpal

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Flash makes websites look beautiful and technological. It is visually striking with lots of features that make using flash websites a fun. Web designers enjoy making flash websites and Internet users enjoy using them. Flash can be interesting and much more fun if it is used with a bit of caution. Here we highlight the few reasons to use flash with a caution.

Loading time is affected

Flash slows down the rate at which a page loads. This is the most unwanted feature that flash possesses. Flash files, embedded in a webpage, take up to one-third of the total size of the entire website. Internet users are impatient in nature and they may skip the website if it takes too long to load. In such cases other options are thought of by them. That is why web designers optimize flash files to make it smaller before embedding them in web pages.

Flash can make the website information unavailable

Too much use of flash in websites can cover up the message or the inner meaning of the website. Sometimes users are so much impressed by the flash design that they may forget their reasons that took them to the website. A web designer has to make sure that flash is used in limit, maintaining a balance with the content to uncover the motto of the website. He must provide text information for every link or button so as to make the user know what it is meant for.

Flash can be confusing

Flash can confuse a user making him get lost in the website. If the flash design of a website gets wrong, it will make the user experience worst. To let this not happen, a designer has to provide a website with proper information regarding the flash demonstration. Mostly it happens that a user opens a website that is built on flash and finds it unable to load because of missing plug-ins. It really becomes difficult for a non tech savvy person to understand the plug-in installation or updating process. Designing a flash website is difficult and if it does not suit to the user, all hard work becomes useless.

Flash sometimes gets out of control. Right-clicking on websites to copy a piece of text or an image becomes difficult rather impossible.

To avoid this expert designers use the perfect idea of providing the user with an option to disable flash and view the website as simple HTML.For MOre Detail Visit :


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