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Perfume and Deodorant Allergies

by kunwarpal

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People have always wanted to smell good. Millions of people around the world use perfumes to make themselves, their homes, cars and other valuables smell good. Fragrant substances are being used in products like colognes and perfumes, soaps, beauty products, body lotions and creams, candles, room fresheners, mosquito repellents, hygienic products, bleaches, etc. There are a lot of people who are allergic to high smelling scents. They are considered to be perfume sensitive or allergic. They can suffer a lot under the effect of these kinds of products with perfumes. These effects can be headaches, asthma, breathing problems, skin rashes, or much more. 

Perfumed products have been found containing allergen alcoholic mixtures. The common allergen chemicals are nickel sulphate, neomycin sulphate, benzyl alcohol, cobalt chloride, etc. Natural substances and aromatic oils like rose oil and clove and cinnamon oils can also cause allergies. These fragrant substances are found in most of the sweet smelling household product. Products containing such chemicals having high scent must be limited in use. They might be harmful to a perfume sensitive or allergic person. 

Perfume allergy can cause harm to the level of heartbeat skips, migraines, nausea, asthma, paralysis or loss of voice, etc. But, the common problems are headaches, breathing problems, rashes on skin, pain in the body, inability to speak, etc. One should seek medical guidance as soon as possible if these kinds of symptoms occur under the effect of perfumes. People already having allergies to other substances might also have a perfume allergy. Such people should take care when handling perfumed products and try to limit their use. They should know the immediate medication to take if allergic symptoms start occurring suddenly. Also people should limit the use of perfumes around people having such allergies.

There are only few deodorants that contain perfuming chemicals. Therefore, deodorants are found to be less allergenic. People having allergies to different chemicals might experience a deodorant allergy. This can be tested by simple skin tests like the patch test and the skin prick test. Blood tests can also reveal if any perfume allergy is present or not. A common test is that a deodorant is be sprayed on a small portion of the skin to find out any irritation or swelling after a few hours of use. If such a thing happens, its use must be discontinued. 

Chemical allergies have been proven harmful to people and most perfumed products contain such chemical, artificial or natural substances. Therefore it is wise for a chemical allergic person to avoid the use of such products.  Perfumes have been made to spread fragrance in your life, not to harm anybody. But usage of allergen chemical in their making is causing serious problems in men and women. For such people it is advisable to use mild perfumes.For More Detail Visit :

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