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Ashamed of unsightly Amalgam fillings, It’s time You chose C

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most forthcoming popular cosmetic trends in the last few years and is a million dollar industry. It comes as no surprise to find thousands of New Yorkers in quest of perfect smiles every year. Cosmetic dentistry NYC professionals are in great demand and can provide effective dental restoration for the teeth.


Cavities or dental caries is one of the commonest types of dental disease faced by everyone at some point of time. Amalgamated fillings have been used by dentists for treating these cavities and filling them. However, tooth colored fillings or composite fillings are an important trend that is picking up among New Yorkers. Let us understand these dental fillings and what makes composite fillings more preferred compared to amalgamated fillings.


What are composite and amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are restorative fillings that are made with varying percentage of liquid mercury and an alloy containing zinc, tin, copper and silver. This material tightly bounds to the teeth and is instantly hardened lasting for many years. These have been known to prevent the dental disease of caries that may develop even under a filling. Composite filling on the other hand is white tooth colored filling is a mixture of powdered glass and plastic that is hardened on to the surface of the tooth with the help of blue light. These fillings are being widely used in order to improve the esthetics of the teeth.


How are composite fillings superior to amalgam fillings?


Composite fillings are safer - Composite fillings as compared to amalgam fillings are considered safer as they do not contain mercury. It has been stated by the health experts at world health organization that mercury is toxic to the body in the end. Composite fillings are comparatively safer as they do not contain any toxic substance. The teeth as less sensitive to hot and cold sensations than those restored with amalgam.


Composite fillings are more durable - Composite fillings done by a cosmetic dentistry NYC professional helps to bind tightly to the tooth and makes the overall tooth structure quite strong. This prevents the tooth from any possible fractures in the longer run as compared to amalgam fillings.


Composite fillings are more esthetical – Composite fillings generally have the color of the tooth, so they are more esthetic compared to amalgamated fillings.


A cosmetic dentistry NYC professional helps to provide effective and prompt solutions to restore the flaws of the teeth. Visit for details and to book an appointment.


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