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Artist stretcher bars and their many uses

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The importance of a quality artist stretcher bar can only be understood by artists who work on embroidery needlework or oil painting. The bars along with stretcher frames are helpful in providing a framework to which the canvas is attached, thus allowing the artist to work on an even and tight surface. The tight surface functions as a base helping artists in intricate oil painting and needlework.

Artist stretcher bars prove to be of ultimate use when they are made out of wood. Wooden stretcher frames & bars don’t warp or rot. The smooth edges of the bars are slightly rounded and don’t put pressure on the edges of the canvas, so reducing the risk of tearing and helping in long-time preserving the artwork.

Rot on the canvas can damage it causing mould to get into the canvas and harm the painted surface. On the other hand, warped wood used to make heavy duty stretcher bars can become unevenly stressed for the surface of the painting, so rendering the surface of artwork to damage. Four bars are used at a time in order to give a simple rectangular-shaped frame.

The artist stretcher bars are assembled to form a rectangular shape. You can choose to do it yourself or buy a canvas stretcher that comes assembled beforehand. Once you are done with this, you place your canvas on the stretcher bar and start stapling the canvas with staple gun or tack onto the stretcher. You can move around all the four edges of the stretcher instead of stapling a whole side. This way, you will ensure that you have a smooth canvas surface and not a warped one making it easy for creating a new artwork. Once you are done with all the rounded edges of the bars, you can neatly fold the canvas from their corners finishing on their back and stapling them to secure it.

Once you have attached the canvas to the stretcher frame, you can decide on your own on what to do next. Whatever you may chose to do create on the canvas, you can display the artwork easily – even if the artwork includes a larger canvas.

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