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Taking Care of Stair Newels

by Editor123

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One of the most common problems faced regarding staircases is how to maintain them. Stair parts, by most standards, can be quite expensive. Moreover, changing them or installing new ones can add up to a lot of hassles where you may be prevented from using the staircase for even a day or two. Naturally, the prospects of having to change stair parts and components are not particularly exciting and are best avoided if possible.

A good and effective way to do this is by following a simple maintenance routine to make your stair parts last longer. On a typical basis, different stair parts will require being taken care of in different ways. In this article, we’ll be talking about taking care of stair newels.
Newels are somewhat of a rarity in the realm of staircase design and are most often found only in grand or large stairways. However, small staircases can choose to look classy and more elegant with the help of suitably sized newel posts having a smaller form factor. Stair newels come in two basic variants – solid and hollow. The former kind mainly constitutes rounded newel posts whereas the latter has larger sized newels usually of a rectangular shape.

A popular type in the latter category is the box newel post which is basically a hollow structure with embellishments on the outside surface and suitably designed otherwise to provide an aesthetically pleasing interval to the stair railings. Newel posts are typically placed at regular intervals across the length of the railing, especially at the points where there is a change in its direction.
A box newel post usually comes painted or polished. An easy and effective way to maintain it is to wipe it clean with a piece of clean cloth of a regular basis. It is better not to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning them as that could cause damage to the paint or the polish. Most modern newel posts are made using very high quality materials and can be safely made to last for years without any problem. It may be necessary to have them repainted or re-polished once in one to two years.

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