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Stretching Bar : Get The Best One For You

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Stretching bars are important for giving a firm back to a canvas. Painters cannot think of doing a painting without placing their art canvas on a canvas stretcher. These stretcher bars need to be procured from authentic dealers or manufacturers. Dimensional accuracy, high stability, durability and longevity are the characters you need to keep in your mind when you are out for shopping stretching bars. If you want get them delivered at your door step, then you can avail these from an online seller.

Artists need them all the time. So do professional photo framers and gallery-owners. Yes, I’m talking about stretcher bars for canvas, those indispensable tools for stretching large pieces of canvas for easy maneuverability and display. Stretcher bars for canvas are usually made of wood, even though other new age materials are being used nowadays. Available in a wide assortment of sizes and in a handful of set strengths (depending on the weight and dimensions of the canvas that you wish to stretch), canvas stretcher bars need to be of the highest quality in order to save you from the trouble of having to replace them often.

The main point to worry about with canvas stretcher bars made of wood is dimensional stability. It is, briefly put; the ability of wood to stay straight and not warp or bend over time or due to pressure. In order to ensure better stability, you should insist on buying high quality bars that use short sections, joined together with finger splines, to make longer bars. This greatly increases the bar’s resistance to twisting, bowing or warping.

The system of using smaller sections also makes the bars stronger and resistant to bending than those which are entirely constructed of one continuous piece. This is why buying the best quality bars is always recommended. If you want trouble-free service for years, buy stretcher bars that have been engineered to resist the effects of heat or humidity. Remember, buying better quality stretcher bars (even if they cost marginally more than other ‘cheaper’ variants) always makes better sense. These stretching bars are most of the onetime investments for most, so taking up a judicious decision is important.

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