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Some Important Guidelines For Network Cabling Installation

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The process of data network cables is quite technical and requires a personal to have a thorough understanding of the diverse cabling issues. The installation of network cables during the construction phase of a building is always easier as compared to getting the cables installed in a previously constructed building. Network cabling installation has its own set of do and don’ts which need to be kept in mind for efficient performance the cables. Given below are some important guidelines that need to be followed during installation of network cables.


  • While installing network cables, it is nearly impossible to keep the Cross Power cables separate from the Cat5. In, the two cables often cross each other in the network. In order to avoid any serious interference, care should be taken to place the two cables at 90º angle with each other at all points where they intersect.
  • It is important to ensure use separate color schemes for all your data cabling. It is advisable to use a different color cable for every distinct purpose such as white color cable for line one of telephone and voice traffic, black for line two, blue for line 3 and so on.
  • Labeling the cables as well as indication the termination of the various cables is helpful in identifying the office or room that the cable is intended to serve. This can increase the efficiency of not only the maintenance work but also ensures faster and more accurate troubleshooting.
  • Care should be taken to avoid running the Cat5 cables next to any power cables during network cabling installation as it can cause major interference in the data cabling network.
  • It is also good to keep the cables segregated and keep provision for any future expansion of the network by reserving space to install additional cables. This is especially true for network cables installed during the construction phase of a building.
  • Avoid bundling the data cables too tightly. While running the telephone, data and video cables next to each other does not cause any interference, tying them tightly into a bundle should be avoided as it can have a negative impact on the overall network.

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