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Choose Baby Slings for Safety, Bonding and Convenience

by AchillesBastian

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Baby slings are the most recommended style of baby carriers by attachment parenting doctors, such as Dr. William Sears, author of the best-selling parenting book “The Baby Book”. Baby slings are what most baby wearing parents recommend. Baby carriers are designed to let the parents hold and carry their baby close to their body in a natural fetal position. As a result, these carriers foster a special connection between the baby and the parents.

Apart from the practicality and ease of usage, there are many other things that set baby slings apart from the other kinds of baby carriers. For example, one reason why you might select baby slings over traditional baby carriers, such as the Baby Bjorn, is because you can begin at birth. Most front carriers (like the Baby Bjorn) have minimum weight requirements that most babies do not meet until they are several weeks (if not months) old. Typical baby slings, on the other hand, can be used from birth, even with preemies. In fact, many neontologists recommend the usage of baby slings to promote bonding and breastfeeding.

Because most baby slings are a simply sewn pattern of fabric, they can easily fit in the most compact diaper bag. A baby slings is a handy little accessory to keep either in your diaper bag or in the car to have on hand when going out and about with baby. Adjustable slings offer the additional benefit of being able to fit mother and father both; both parents can enjoy baby bonding. They’re perfect for when you’re out with your little one to the mall or grocery. These baby carriers can also make traveling through airport security much faster.

Nowadays, you can select from a wide range of baby slings. From easy-to-use pouch slings to the more complex ring sling, there are plenty of brands and styles to choose from. Each of them has different benefits. For instance, the pouch type of baby slings are considered the easiest of all the baby carriers to use. All you need to do is to place it over one of your shoulders and around your own body. Then you simply slip the baby inside.

Baby slings are able to provide privacy when breastfeeding or nursing your baby in public. You can nestle the baby deep within the fabric of the sling to ensure privacy while monitoring that the baby’s head is relaxed and not squished upon its chest, which is important to maintain proper breathing.

Most sling style baby carriers can be easily used for newborns all the way to toddlers. There are as many as seven different positions, from the popular cradle position for newborns to the handy hip hold for toddlers. An adjustable pouch sling offers ease and flexibility and is a great choice for beginners.


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