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A short overview of SMS marketing

by anonymous

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Of the several forms of mobile marketing namely Apps, games, QR codes, and SMS marketing, this last one is the simplest and most inexpensive of them but which is very effective in reaching out to potential and existing clients. This has been made certain by the fact that many people own mobile handsets.

However, companies using this approach need to be extremely cautious with their text marketing strategies and must always seek to put the customers first. Just because customers have opted-in to your SMS service does not mean that you can recklessly bombard them with random marketing messages; this behavior is very annoying and often leads to customers wanting to opt-out of the service and which translates to automatic loss of business.

The best way forward is therefore to steadily remain relevant to ensure that your messages will always be welcomed by the customers. If you are not certain about how to attract customers to your SMS marketing campaign you can always start by offering them discounts or coupons, whereby to retrieve them they will have to send a special keyword to your designated short code. Using the mobile phone numbers of the respondents you can then generate your customer database.

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