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Techniques of Attorney Search Engine Marketing

by lawyermarketing

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Search Engine Marketing for legal websites is important to understand. There are many techniques that can be applied to your marketing campaign in order to get better rankings. However, we are only going to be able to cover a few techniques in this post.

One of the ways a search engine ranks websites is through creditability. Establishing creditability is not difficult if you know the ins and outs of how it is accessed by the search engine. However, some things take time. For example a search engine looks at the amount of time a website has been available and gives it a higher ranking the longer it has been online. Therefore, "time" is one way creditability is established.

Another way creditability is established is through links. If a lot of credible websites are linking to you, then you are going to receive a higher ranking. It is the same in real life. If an honorable person speaks highly of your law firm, people will naturally think more highly of you. So getting good legal web properties to link back to your website is another way to establish creditability.

Search engines look at the frequency of updated content on your website as well. If you are consistently updating and adding new content, your website will rank higher and be considered more credible. If the content on your law website is a few years old and hasn’t seen many changes, search engines will think of your legal website as being irrelevant.

There are many factors that contribute to the ranking of law firm websites in a search engine. Credibility is only one of these factors and the techniques to establish credibility can compile a long list of actionable steps. One of the best ways to apply these techniques is to hire a search engine marketing professional. Lawyer Marketing Services Inc. is a leader in the industry of web marketing and offers many legal website marketing services for half the price of their competitors. Contact Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. today, for a free consultation of your website.

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