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Every Industry Needs Precision Engineering Products

by anonymous

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Any industry, whatever it is, needs precision engineering products to run its production process. An industry that produces something or assemble third party products, whatever the situation may be, cannot do its works without machineries. Heavy weight industries run on few basic materials including metal, metal alloys, plastic, polymers, carbon fiber and ceramics. So, these industries need high-end tools to do their pre and post production works.

Apart from these industries automotive sector or dealing in beverages and food products also ask for few mechanical devices to run its production process perfectly. Power generation industry, textiles and even the medical sector can’t also do without machineries. So we can see that contemplate precision engineering products are more than necessary in cross section of industries. Precision parts like tack jets, temco jets, texturing jets, interlacing jets etc. are produced according to the specific industry directions, if not customized parameters are given.

CNC or Computer Numerical Control machines are more than necessary tools which are used in devising other engineering tools or parts. This line of machines also includes lathes, the milling machines as well as High Speed Hard Milling and the Multitasking machines. It’s not that every parts or tools are used in all industries. There are professional precision engineering companies that have the EDM machine and facilities for current drilling with micronic level tolerances. Texturing jets and interlacing jets such as Temco jets that are used in the textile industry are typical cases where precision engineering is involved.

Few of the popular tack jets and tack jet enclosures include:

  1. Tandem Interlacing Box
  2. Interlacing Box
  3. Jet Housing
  4. LH Interlacing Jet
  5. RH Interlacing Jet
  6. Air Interlacing Jet Base Plate
  7. Interlacing Enclosure
  8. Base Plate For Interlacing Jet
  9. Interlacing Jet Housing
  10. Universal Interlacing Box
  11. Interlacing Jet Cap
  12. Interlacing Jet Cap Nut
  13. Air Interlacing Jet Top Plate

Apart from the above mentioned tack jets and their enclosures there are lot many parts that have their specific usages in particular industries. If you are in need of such parts or any other temco jets, make sure you are procuring them from certified manufacturers to get quality products.


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