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Pearl Ring- Woman Love to Receive Pearl Jewelry as Gifts

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Pearls are such an amazing feat of nature, to think that something as beautiful and majestic as a pearl could be formed by nature, and a little human interaction can achieve. The whole process of culturing pearls is an amazing one, and has been perfected over the years. Freshwater pearls are generally grown with a piece of meat from the oyster that the pearl will be grown in. The nacre from the oyster then grows over the piece of meat, in many layers, to create a freshwater pearl. One of the major characteristics of Akoya saltwater pearls is that they are perfectly round. This is die to the way that they are nucleated. Farmers place a small, perfectly round bead into the oyster, and allow the nacre to grow over it, creating a perfect ball.

Tahitian and South Sea pearls are the most unique because only one pearl can be grown per oyster. Another feature that makes these pearls more rare is that they start growing at a size of eight millimeters . The wonderful thing about pearls is that that each one is individual; no two pearls are exactly the same. This is because each pearl has a base color and a tone color, the color that covers the outside of the pearl and is responsible for its luster. At Aloha Pearls, we have the finest sections of pearls in Hawaii. We pride ourselves in picking prime pearls, with quality surface quality and great shape.

We carry every shapes, color, size and variety of pearl you can think of. If you are in search of the perfect gift for your mother, friend, daughter, or even boss, we have just the item for you. Our pearl rings are very affordable and have unique designs that you have not seen before. Choose your own silver setting, to match a pearl you already have, or choose one from our vast selection. Chose one of our Tahitian pearl rings, set on yellow gold, a true image of trend. Or choose a delicate pearl ring of white gold, with a pink or lavender freshwater pearl for a delicate look. Whatever your preference, has what you are looking for.

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