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The use of taping tape as a form of treatment

by gomezsandra1

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Taping tape is nowadays being used as an alternative option in treatment of injuries and joint misalignments. They have however been used for many decades especially by physiotherapists on their patients. It took many years of study and research in order to come up with an effective tape that could support muscles and joints and also help treat injuries. The use of these tapes requires good knowledge of taping and also experience. A person is advised to first enrol in a taping course so as to qualify as a good taper. This is because maximum results of these tapes can only be achieved when it is placed correctly on the injury. There are various techniques that are used in taping.

Techniques used in taping tape

The techniques of taping depend on the type of injury on the patient. Different injuries require different types of techniques. The following are the 5 main techniques that are being used in taping injuries.

  • Muscle technique- This technique is applied on injured muscles and the person taping should ensure it is not the tape that stretches rather the muscle.
  • Tissue lift technique-The kinesiology tape is manufactured with a high degree of stretch to ensure it has a lifting effect on the underlying tissues. The degree of stretch is usually between 75% and 100%.
  • Lymphatic technique- This technique is applies with strips to create a form of fan. It seeks to create the drainage effect of the lymphatic fluid on inflamed tissues. Physiotherapist apply it in the direction of the lymph nodes so that it may drain properly between the muscles.
  • The fascia technique- This technique seeks to ensure proper positioning of the fascia using a stretch of between 25% and 50%.
  • Correctional technique- This technique is used to ensure the muscles tissues and structures are also positioned perfectly by using 50%-75% stretch of the tape.

Like said before, each of these techniques has its own purpose of treatment although they may all be combined like in the case of Achilles tendon method. Taping tapes are effective in treating injuries and joints and that is why they are constantly being used in therapy sessions. A patient is first examined the level of injury so that it can be decided what type of technique will be employed.

The importance of taping tape is that it possesses features that are required for the body to enhance its own treatment mechanism. These tapes prevent the pain nerve receptors from sending pain impulses to the brain thus ensuring that the body’s normal functioning is not interrupted. They should only be used as a short term treatment mechanism and not for long term purposes. A patient is always advised to consult a qualified practitioner who can administer the tapes for maximum output.

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