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Cell Phone Unlocking

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Unlocking a cell phone does not simply mean that you have to put in your pass code to allow you to access your phone or keypad. Cell phones are usually locked when you purchase them so that they can only be used with a specific company, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or any other cell phone reseller in the world.

Most cellular phones are proprietary to an individual service provider, which usually means that your phone will not work if you try to change companies. It is “locked” to that provider, which means you can only use it if you are purchasing their service . In the event that you visit another country and try to use your phone on another carrier’s service in that country, it will not work either. You are locked down again.

This is not a problem that cannot be overcome. Based upon the type of cell phone you have and who your carrier is, there is a chance that you can unlock cell phone. When you unlock a cell phone, you then have the option to use your current phone on another carrier’s service, change phone numbers and even your current account. Your phone is no longer locked to your original carrier or service provider.

Whether you are wondering if your cell phone can be unlocked, are not sure what a locked phone is, or would like to know how to unlock phone, our articles can explain all of these issues to you. We can help you decide if unlocking your current phone is of any value to you, as well as explain the legal issues behind phone unlocking. Feel free to read our other articles on cell phone unlocking for more information on how to use your locked phone with anyone you choose.

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