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Study points to understanding Down syndrome and cerebral pal

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In many cases, pre natal cerebral palsy results in the unique condition of what we call to the ‘Down syndrome’. Studies revealed that a much low percentage of children suffering from Down syndrome also had cerebral palsy. It appears that the condition kicked off after the birth was complete but the Down syndrome was developing in the embryonic stage itself. Down syndrome is commonly caused by a cell division error wherein the new embryo is left with an extra chromosome rather than the normal 23.

In lot many cases, cerebral palsyhave been minimized if not completely cured with the use of herbal techniques suggested by the G therapy. While g therapy has been a controversial treatment procedure since its launch, many cases have been reported wherein children have highly benefited from it. Further there is ‘zero’ side effect and improved speech, communication, concentration, motor coordination and sleep could be regarded as a Down syndrome cure. Procedures by Dr Gunwant Oswal (founder of G therapy) have brought about an incredible 70% improvement in motor control and normal behavioral responses. More and more parents all over the world are turning to G therapy as a means to bring about a cure to kids suffering from cerebral palsy and acute Down syndrome.

The herbal mixture created by Dr Gunwant Oswal from Pune, India has been helping more than 2,000 patients in India and more abroad. As per the doctor, the treatment actually helps stimulate neuro transmitters that have been long inhibited by the injury effects and removes any blockage that has been resulting in awkward behavior. While we know that our body has an innate tendency to repair cellular damages, the medicine actually works upon to boost the immune system of the individual making progress faster. While it cannot be said that the G therapy treatment can deliver a complete cure, significant amount of improvements have been witnessed in severe cases of mental drawbacks. In almost all cases, the motor and the higher cortical functions of the brain have shown positive changes as opposed to failure of other treatment procedures.

Many individuals suffering from Down syndrome get wrinkles, grey hair, and even have the tendency to develop Alzheimer as they get older. Researchers suggest that the acceleration with age is the reason of oxidative stress in faulty chromosomes having neural disorders. While stress is a lifetime condition, the pressures on the chromosomes get more and more when finally they die. This lends to the increasing susceptibility to other diseases like cerebral palsy and Alzheimer.

Improvements have been achieved in gross motor control, cognition and regaining daily skill with G therapy treatment procedures. The methods are being advocated even outside India in countries like UK, USA, Middle East and many South Asian countries. So, one shouldn’t already give up hope for a cure. Even if the patient cannot be smart enough to work with NASA, they certainly could take care of themselves gradually.

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