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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Tungsten Jewelry

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Every piece of jewelery needs a lot of caring and maintenance so that it retains its luster. Gold and silver has been around for so long that people are well aware of how to clean and maintain these metals. However, tungsten is a fairly new metal in the jewelery department.

There can be a variety of tungsten jewelry though they are most popularly used to make finger rings and wedding bands. These rings have become so popular because they are great to look at and are extremely long lasting. They are also very affordable which makes them a popular choice among young couples. Some of these rings are unique and very striking in design, which is again a reason why non-traditional jewelery lovers choose this ring.

The same type of variety is available in other tungsten jewelry as well. You will find bracelets, pendants, bangles etc made from tungsten that is fast becoming very popular among both teenagers and adults. With so much popularity and growing usage of this type of jewelry it is essential to maintain these pieces. They are good for regular use and adds a variety to your accessories, and are really easy to maintain too. So, here is a detailed step by step cleaning procedure for your tungsten jewelry.

    1.It is advisable to make a cleaning solution on your own because many cleaning agents react with Tungsten carbide. So, take a bowl and add few drops of mild hand wash and warm water, and mix them. Soak your Tungsten jewelery into this water for a while so that all the outer layer of dirt comes out.


    2.Once you have taken the piece of jewelery out, look for any signs of tarnish that might be still there. If you find any, use a good tarnish remover to clean it further. You could easily buy one from a local store. Make sure to use something soft like cotton to clean the .


    3.Now use a mild soap, preferably a baby soap to clean the jewelery again after the use of tarnish remover. You could either soak it or wash it under running water. Do not scratch it with anything rough while cleaning.


    4.Once the jewelery is thoroughly cleaned use a soft clean cotton cloth to soak the water off it. Do not wipe it hard, just let it rest on the cloth so that the water gets absorbed by it.


These are the four easy steps to follow while cleaning any jewelery piece made of Tungsten. You do not have to do it very often, just once in a few months to make sure that your favorite accessory does not loose its charm.

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