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No-fault automobile insurance in Ontario

by masterofbusiness13

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Ontario has had no-fault automobile insurance system for quite a number of years now and yet most people still do not understand how this system works and how it affects one’s automobile insurance rate. It is also a myth that no-fault insurance eliminates responsibility and fosters bad driving.

The no-fault insurance system in Ontario is such that those who get injured in a car accident will receive compensation and benefits from their own insurance company regardless of who’s at fault. The reason that he came in place, was largely to reduce the delays of the legal system and to provide treatment and benefits to those who actually are injured victims just as quickly as possible.

What most drivers in Ontario fail to understand is that no-fault insurance does not mean that drivers are never at fault when they are in an accident on Ontario roads. The fault-based rules of the road in Ontario still exist and they are enforced by police. If you are at fault in an automobile accident, your Ontario insurance premiums will most likely be affected, but this depends on the nature of your accident, and the loyalty program of your insurance company. If you are at fault in a motor vehicle accident and you are deemed to be at fault and are charged with an offense, these offenses are governed by the Ontario motor vehicle legislation and the criminal code of Canada and are quite serious in nature.

As it pertains to insurance in Ontario, there is no evidence that no-fault insurance doesn’t actually lead to increased numbers of accidents or fatalities deaths or injuries. Some argue that the tort legal system in Ontario does provide a deterrent against poor driving behavior, as those feel that there is a safety net around them, the fact is that there is no correlation between the type of insurance system in Ontario and the road safety record in Ontario. It has been shown that Ontario has one of the best road safety records in North America.

Knowing the rules of the road, the loss of which govern Ontario Ministry of transportation, and tips about your insurance company, will get you on your way to cheaper car insurance in Ontario.

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