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Finer Points Of Buying Your First Telescope

by OPTtelescopes

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If you are after an affair of the galactic kind, purchasing a telescope surely makes sense! This will help you to romance the stars in the dead of the night, uninterrupted.  Nothing can be as thrilling as buying your first device but it may also seem quite confusing. Those who want to buy telescope products should know how to go about it successfully. This ensures that their love affair with the celestial bodies does not reach an aborted end even before starting.

Here is what you should consider when buying your very first telescope.

Have realistic expectations

Very few people start with the most state-of-the-art telescoping device available in the market. Realistically, one starts with small versions and then graduates on to better ones as they gain in confidence. So, keep your expectations realistic regarding what you can see using such rudimentary devices. Those guided by the extravagant photographs in astronomical books, may be in for a rude awakening.

These pictures come from large telescopes taken from the middle of vast expanses. For mere mortals, telescope viewing signifies seeing the craters on the moon, Jupiter and its moons, the rings of planet Saturn, and Venus with its changing crescents. Those who want can also view the fiery red planet Mars, Andromeda Galaxy, nebula, and star clusters.

Consider your budget

When purchasing a telescope just being ruled by your emotions is not enough. You need to find out how much money you can spare for purchasing such a sophisticated device. It is possible to find affordable telescopes provided you look hard and find good deals. Online media nowadays offers a great place to get such devices of your choice at bargain prices. If you are ready to invest in a second-hand telescope then there are myriad choices available well within your available budget. One can buy them at online auctions too but this is a time-consuming process - even if highly satisfactory if you win. Find fantastic Meade telescopes and others of its ilk for your celestial rendezvous!

Cheapest is not also the best

It is necessary to remember that purchasing a telescope is not like shopping for regular items. It requires thorough study and research into various available types. Going for the cheapest is not always the best concerning a telescope because this may give you nothing but blurry or grainy pictures which are impossible to interpret even on a starry night. Cheap telescopes, even those that come with 400 X magnification prove to be sadly ineffective when viewing something as simple as the moon. So find the best deals but never the cheapest when buying your very first telescope.

Magnification considerations

Magnification is another important aspect to consider when purchasing such devices such as high quality Celestron telescopes. While it will not do to ignore this aspect completely, high stress on this factor as the single most important one is also unnecessary. 32X magnification are ideal to see the planet Jupiter, its moons, and the rings of Saturn. 50X shows the image slightly larger and 100 X magnifications naturally does it better!

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