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Personalize your engagements rings for an innovative edge!

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Give an innovative edge to your engagements rings with personalization. This will make your ring stand out amongst the different types and you will be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.


If you are looking for an innovative ring but are unable to find one, what do you do? Do you get dejected and stop searching? Well if you ask me, I will say stop searching and start making use of your creativity and skill. Custom made rings are getting quite common. Nowadays anyone and everyone I know of are opting for customizing. If this continues for a few more years, then this whole concept will lose its exclusivity. So don’t go for the custom way, do something different. What can you do? What about personalization? Never heard of it?


Well it is the current trend that is the coolest as well. In personalization you are able to add your personal touch to it. Once you have selected the engagements rings that you like, tell the designer that you want to personalize it. But before that make sure that the jewelers are aware of it and know how to go about it. Since you are going for personalization it is better not to get it done from a novice. Check out the credentials of the jewelers before you visit them. Once you are satisfied then only proceed with them.


Generally personalization involves engraving in the ring. This engraving depends on certain factors such as what is the width of the ring? Or is the engagements rings wide enough so that they can engrave on it? Will it look good on the ring considering its style and pattern? Suppose you have selected a ring with filigree work, you cannot engrave anything on it because it is simply not possible or feasible. Next you need to consider the font style. All styles look good and it gets difficult to read what has been engraved as well. You need to decide on the font size as well so that you don’t need to strain your eyes to read what has been written.


As far as what you can engrave, well almost anything. It can be a mere symbol or date of your engagement. You can opt for the initials of your names as well. Or the word “Forever” or “Always” as long as it does justice to your feelings. So you see you can practically opt for anything.


This engraving option lends a personal touch to your ring and you are able to express what you feel in an unique and innovative way. So instead of customization, opt for personalization. Why do something that almost every couple is doing? Dare to be different and stand out amongst the crowd. So on your engagement opt for personalization to create your own personal style. Give your ring an innovative angle.

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