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Film tourism (or “screen tourism”) in recent year has grown to a very large extent and has been praised and acknowledged worldwide.

It has been broadly documented in tourism literature that destination image significantly effects tourist destination choice. Images of destinations play an important role in prompting tourist decision making process as the root for tourists to make choice about where to visit. Film can deliver formation about certain features of the country such as nature, culture, topographies and people which result in the building of the boldness towards the country. A favorable conditions and positive image of a nation will attract more and more tourists

The places which are selected for shooting become famous destination for the people who are making a visit to the country, for example the shooting at breach café in gone in 60 seconds become one of the famous place for tourist to visit as this café was used by film producers in other movies

The films encouraging tourism can bring to the local community is continuous tourism earnings. Film locations can be all-year, all-weather attractions which alleviates the tourism industry.

Another significant benefit of the film tourism is that it increases the cultural value for the film location. Film tourism is a medium of in which a range of cultural meanings and values may be communicated. Many heritage sites that serve as film locations gain popularity after the film release because these places acquire specific meaning through film narration.

The success of films entirely depends on film locations. Some film locations are much more successful than others in terms of the number of tourist arrivals. Although films provide great impact on tourist destination choice, film tourism is regarded as a complex and dynamic concept and success depends on a number of different factors.

Although films provide many positive impacts for the destination in terms of economic, cultural values and destination awareness and image but drawbacks of the film should also be carefully considered and need to know about it properly by staying any of the homestay in India. There could be undesirable consequences such as loss of privacy and the difficulty of accessing local facilities for local people, traffic congestion and the destruction of the natural environment.

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