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Stop Kidney Failure with These Tips!

by johnfloyed

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Once a kidney disease becomes untreated and the kidney no longer processes fluids the normal way, it can lead to kidney failure. If the kidney fails to function, the patient will need to undergo dialysis which uses a machine that replicates the kidney’s function. In order to prevent this from happening or delay it from occurring at the very least, here are tips to bear in mind.

It is important to control blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension can lead to acute kidney failure. To maintain a good blood pressure, intake of sodium-enriched foods or salt should be minimized. There are salts that are needed for the body to function. Thus, it should not be totally cut off from the diet. It is advisable to consult a dietician who shall formulate a diet plan which controls salt intake.

Garlic supplements are helpful in preventing kidney failure. They quickly lower blood pressure and they also slow down the ability of the blood to formulate clots. One should therefore ask his physician about the intake of such supplements. Taking garlic supplements should be under strict medical supervision.

Prior to having X-ray examinations, it is vital for a patient to first talk to his physician about his kidney disease. Since the radiation from X-rays can destroy the kidneys, a patient may need to take special medication prior to undergoing X-ray tests.

A patient should inform his doctor if any of his family members have a history of kidney disease or hypertension since these conditions are hereditary. ACE inhibitor medications may be prescribed by the physician to control hypertension.

To help prevent kidney failure, smoking must be stopped. This is because smoke from cigarettes leads to a lot of health problems which can increase the risk of kidney failure. Quitting smoking can also reduce blood pressure and thus help prevent kidney failure.

Aside from smoking, it is also important to quit drinking alcohol. Alcohol imposes a strain upon the kidneys because they work extra hard to take away the fluid from the body. Instead of drinking alcohol, one should consume at least eight glasses of water daily. Damaged kidneys can still process water.

It is necessary for a person to check if there are any changes in his urine. If it is painful for him to urinate and his urine is cloudy, foamy, or smelly, he has to see a doctor immediately. These are signs or symptoms of UTI or urinary tract infection which can lead to kidney disease later on. An annual urine blood exam as part of a physical checkup is therefore recommended as this can detect signs of kidney disease and similar health problems.

It is also vital to check anaemia symptoms such as dizziness, frequent exhaustion, or bruises. Anaemia can lead to kidney disease if it is not treated immediately and properly.

Being active can also prevent kidney failure. One should therefore exercise at least half an hour each day for five days a week. This shall help in making the body function normally. Exercises can include walking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing, or bicycling.

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