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weight loss methods for working women

by bellysolution

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Some people says that there is no short cut to success. But, still there are ways and people find those ways for their temporary success.  Here we are talking about short cut because of the working women. These busy ladies ends up everything blaming on non availability of time. Although there are many ways that substitute hard work , but, result is not guaranteed and if guaranteed then there are side effects.  We can discuss on four pronged methods for weight loss  for women staying busy with their work schedule throughout the day. First method can be managing proper diet with or without light exercises. Calorie intake should be properly monitored through the diet plan. Some women are impatient with the results . It is advised for them to follow a crash diet plan wherein they are abandoned to eat anything other than fruits and salad throughout the day. Food is recommended only for their survival and not for any relishing.  There will be less fat intake and at the same time they will be devoid of proper nutritional intake like protein, vitamins etc. Side effect may result in weakness and health deterioration.  Body will start burning fat to extract energy for muscles due to lack of any food  or nutrition.


Second method can be followed by intake of diet pills. Diet pills are made of herbs like hoodia,  ephedra suppress women appetite for food. This lessen appetite and so , your control over food intake which compliment the diet plan. These herbs were used in ancient days in India and China and have very powerful impact on nervous system. There is a side effect to these pills which may take a toll on the heart, psychiatric,  gastrointestinal  problems, high blood pressure and stroke.  It is advisable to consult with doctors before consuming these pills.


Third method can be referred to surgery on the body for immediate fat removal.  Bariatric surgery is the one which reduces the size of the stomach by removing some portion through surgery.  Surgery should be considered as  the last option to all the efforts to weight loss. Complete medical guidance is needed and nutritional benefits should not be avoided  before deciding on surgery.  


Fourth method can be followed by wearing corsets and girdles almost 16 to 18 hours a day. Women should ensure that the girdle belt should be tightly fitted to the abdomen while working and moving throughout the day.  These belts will compress the abdomen and redistributes the fat all over making the tummy fat, but, for a short period.  Belly wraps  atleast will help working women to feel comfortable themselves  and look good from outside which will boost their confidence too.

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