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Installing New Garage Door Indianapolis

by adviandrey

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When building a house, homeowner must decide how many garage door Indianapolis he or she will have; some people still have one, while others have been known to have eight. If there will be more than one. Homeowner will have to decide what configurations they will be—one big door for two or three cars or one door for each. If there are more than two cars, there can be multiple single or double doors. A possible reason for using double doors is that each single door will need a separate electric opener, increasing the cost. Many years ago, one-piece doors were popular, but today sectional doors dominate the market. They have many advantages, such as they are easier to open when there is snow on the ground. Sectional doors also offer better insulation options. Most doors come in four sections for 7-foot-high doors and five sections or more in higher sizes. Some carriage house doors are three sections high, but these doors are cumbersome and very awkward to operate.

Insulated or Standard

Some people believe that all garage doors should be insulated to maintain the temperature inside the garage and to muffle outdoor noise. The insulation may protect homeowners from burning themselves when touching the interior of the door in very hot climates. Some doors may require more insulation than others, depending on the uses the garage will serve and proximity to other space in the house. When homeowner is shopping for a door, consider which of these two types of doors he or she may need. Some environmentalists argue that it is poor practice to insulate and tightly seal a garage because homeowner are also sealing heat and fumes from the vehicles into the garage, which can cause indoor air pollution in the home. Many garages are used to store toxic chemicals (such as gasoline, fertilizers, solvents, etc.), and many of these are known to emit toxic fumes. Several cities across the nation (San Francisco, for example) require as code, fresh-air ventilation in garages, defeating the purpose of insulating the garage and the garage door. In many areas, garage walls are not insulated, so insulated garage doors may not be practical.

If the garage is heated/cooled, a well- insulated garage door Indianapolis will lower heating and cooling costs by reducing the heat flow (R- value—the amount of heat that escapes) through the garage door. The insulation will also offer thermal protection and soundproofing to rooms over or adjacent to the garage. They are also more structurally sound because of additional backing and a double-wall construction.

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