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TripBuilder EventMobile Apps Offer Immediate Audience

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More and more event organizers are choosing to use mobile event apps for their conferences or events which mean that more and more attendees are using an event mobile app while at the event. With that being said, event organizers want to know what their attendees think of the event app and how they like liking it. TripBuilder Media has this request covered with the surveys and audience response system built into their EventMobile, Multi EventMobile, and 365 apps.

TripBuilder Media offers different types of surveys which include session specific surveys, speaker specific surveys, and overall event surveys. Session surveys are designated to whichever sessions the event organizer chooses and are located on the session detail page within the mobile event app. The same goes for speaker surveys so attendees can easily submit their feedback while they’re sitting right there in the session listening to the speaker while the information is still fresh in their minds.

In addition, while attendees are sitting in a session they can make use of TripBuilder Media’s polling feature. Polling is a premium item that TripBuilder Media offers and it is real time audience response built into the mobile event app. No more third party audience response systems are needed, attendees can access the polling questions from within the detail page of the session they are attending and if the event speaker/organizer chooses they can display the polling results on a screen in front of the session. Polling gets your audience involved in a fun and exciting way all while allowing you to gather more information and results about your event attendees.

There are many programs out there that offer surveys to event organizers so you can find out what your attendees thought of the event they attended. TripBuilder EventMobile Apps include an overall event survey within the mobile app so attendees can share their feedback right there while they’re at the event and using the event app. The surveys can include both objective and descriptive questions which mean you can gather as much information as possible depending on what your questions say. Once the event is over the event organizer can view all of these survey and polling reports within our backend content management system and download both PDFs and Excel reports so they can analyze and make improvements where they need to be made for next year’s event. The TripBuilder Media survey and polling features are an all-around win for the attendees who get their voices heard and the event organizers who can see what their attendees have to say.

To learn more about TripBuilder EventMobile, Multi EventMobile, or 365 Apps visit TripBuilder Media’s website or contact TripBuilder Media directly at or 800-525-9745.

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