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How to Gift the Right Sexy Lingerie

by MallTop1

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When shopping for a gift for a loved one it can often be difficult to know what to get. Often, if people are married or have been together for a long time the only gifts that seem appropriate are perfume, chocolates and flowers. Other than that household items that may be useful but do they really show how much you care.

One of the greatest challenges faced by modern man is entering the lingerie shop to purchase a gift for his wife. This act; when done with loving intention is one of the most endearing moves a man can make. For the man; the privilege of selecting a gift of lingerie somehow signifies a "right of passage" into the intimacies of her real world.

We all know as men what we like and what we want to see when it comes to lingerie, but what we think is sexy and erotic may be something she has no desire to wear. This is especially true if your lady is shy about her body, and you know if she is. If you go and buy something that is super revealing and she wouldn't be comfortable in it, it doesn't matter what you think. She will put the garment in a dresser drawer and never take the tags off.

Getting the right size is key. Too big and she will think you think she is overweight, too small and she will think you want her to lose weight. It can be a difficult area, so take a look at the size lingerie she wears at the moment. Knickers are something that are best bought in a size or two bigger as a rule and bra sizes can vary from one shop to another. So make sure you know which shops she likes her lingerie from and what sizes they are from each one.

The next thing is the design. There are different designs available and different models which you can choose from. You can let your imagination go loose in this. Choose what you think would suit her best. Pay special attention to the color that you are choosing. Also the designs would matter. Therefore you need to ensure that you have right model of your choosing.

You might also want to consider how daring your partner is when it comes to sexy underwear. Does she like to spice up a night of passion with some crotchless knickers and a sexy lace bra? A corset or bustier is also very sensual, pulling a woman in at the waist and pushing up her cleavage to make her feel confident and sexy. High heeled shoes with stockings are also very erotic and if the stockings are held up by sexy suspenders, even better. There are also other exotic items available such as body stockings and dressing up items such as a French maid or nurse. These are guaranteed to give you a great night to remember.

Another very important factor is that you choose a model of high quality. Something that is soft and comfortable. Remember the skin of women is extra sensitive. Therefore you need to make sure that you are choosing things of the highest grade which would make sure that your woman is comfortable in them. The underwear is the second skin for woman and this skin should fit them well.

Sexy lingerie can make the lady in your life feel special and beautiful. When you choose the right piece and in the proper fit and size, she will feel like a million bucks in the bedroom. Not only do you get the benefit of her looking hot for you in some sexy lingerie, but you also have the added benefit of her feeling great, having more confidence and wanting to show off for you in the bedroom.

So if you are considering buying a gift for your partner, think about getting her some lingerie. It will undoubtedly be appreciated and is something you both can enjoy.

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