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The Insider Employees and USB Drive—Big Threats to Data

by anonymous

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Since the last decade or so, the problem of data security has become severe and getting worse with every day. Stealing data of a company can be more harmful for the company than to lose a fixed asset. The company may suffer a fraud, a heave fine with legislative bodies and the loss of goodwill. As the loss of goodwill cannot be calculated accurately, the company may suffer a loss of millions of Dollars other than the goodwill is the result of a data breach. There are many sources of losing of data; unfortunately, companies only focus on to protect their database from the attacks of the cyber criminals.

The IT experts rate the portable data storing devices such as USB flash drive as a major source of losing data. These small devices are extremely feasible to carry data around and have the immense capability of storing data. If such a device is lost that has confidential information in it, may cause you a huge loss. These USB flash drives do not have much of a built in protection, it can spill all the data out if it fall in the wrong hands. Statistics show that USB flash drives are responsible for a high percentage of data leaked and for the spread of malware that also cause data loss.

Other than the threat imposed on data from the USB flash drive, the employees of a company can also be a big foe of the company’s own data. Using software that can provide Copy Protection of data can be quite helpful in making data secure. Because the employees bring their own devices and they had almost full access to the company’s data. They just copy the desired data on their portable data storing device (usually USB flash drive) and move away with it. These thefts are usually done to make the company’s rival happy against a sum of money or for some other interest.

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