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Some Of The Top Selling Vibrators In The World

by adultmart

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These vibrators forms a part of sex toys australia. These vibrators were meant for treatment to those women who are diagnosed with a cold or headache. At first you need to think the kind of stimulation you want or looking for. The vibration is very much helpful for your skin; it increases your blood circulation to that portion of your body like the supersensitive portion between your partner balls and bum, nape of the neck or the clit. The main thing is the penetration, so you need to think the kind of stimulation you are looking for like the penile, clitoral, anal or vaginal. We will discuss below some of the top selling vibrators.

Lelo Iris vibrator

One of the famous vibrator australia is very much luxurious and you are surely going to love it. It has got two vibrating, one at the top and the other one at the base. Top or tip one is meant for the G-spot and the base one of the vaginal ending for nerve massage. The clitoris can also be stimulated from externally.

It is a rechargeable one, where it gives you a pleasure of 5 hours on 3 hour charge. It has got a length of around five inches and a diameter of around 1.6 inches. The two points vibrating toy are very much versatile. For immense vibration you can switch on both the vibrating point, or just a single point for less vibration. It is quite rigid, silky and gives you comfort when you put it inside.

Emperor dong

It is meant for the female vibrator which gives you the feeling of a real penis. This one is something which every woman would love to try. It gives so much pleasure that you won’t even hesitate to put it in your mouth. This product is so much demand that you could hardly find it. This emperor dong is a nice vibrating toy, has got good texture, ridged balls and head. At the base it has got a suction cup which in turn helps you to get it attach to any smooth surface. It is about 6 inch lengths. So you can insert it up to 6 inches and width of around 1.75inches. It has got a good speed of vibration, which in turn implies that, a powerful vibrator.

Girl's best friend vibrator

A discreet and a small one, which is perfect for carrying within your purse or use it with a lover. It is a sophisticated vibrator which vibrates at three powerful speeds. This vibrator is a waterproof one; it can be used within the water or outside the water. Thus, gives you more pleasure in water. It is around 2.5 inches long, with a width of around 1 inch. It is one of the hard vibrators for women. The one who uses it gets a nice feeling all over the body and also you can use it for penetration or clitoral stimulation.


The above toys you can get it at the best adult stores online, which has got many other types. But these are the best one, one could ever have. It makes you feel about the real sex you are having with your partner, or the ones which you see at various porn sites.

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