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Security Window Film Denver

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Of course, you have thought about the security of your home or business. You may have installed alarms, cameras, physical security guards, and so on. You have also thought about how to provide security for one of the most vulnerable points on your home or business: windows. Yes, there are window bars. They are usually black and often give the impression of prison. But window bars may not fit the look and feel you desire for a home. A suitable alternative that provides the same type of security while remaining visually pleasing is security window film denver.

The Basics

Security Window Film is a thicker, clear counterpart to more traditional films. It is commonly used to dramatically reduce the damage of “smash-and-grab theft” or to protect a pane of glass from vandalism. Thicker security films are more effective at keeping someone from entering through a window, while the thinner films are sufficient for preventing permanent damage from graffiti. If someone attempts to smash a window out to gain entry into your business or home, they may still break the window, but will have difficulty penetrating a multi-layered security film and will usually move on to easier targets.

"Taggers" will typically spray paint or use some other etching tools to vandalize a window. However, since a thin security film is installed, vandals are merely damaging the tint and not the glass beneath it, literally scratching the surface. Then, the damaged film can simply be removed from the undamaged glass and replaced with new film, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself. Being that Security Window Film is clear, it will not reduce the amount of light let in.


Costs of the film itself and installation vary from company to company. Costs also vary depending on the frequency of damage being done to your home or business. Either way, when thinking comparatively, any professional or customer will tell you that replacing film is far more inexpensive than replacing glass panes. Security Window Film is frequently used in areas where vandalism or theft may be high, such as subway windows and storefronts on major streets. Even government buildings use the film to reduce damage from hurricanes or bomb explosions.

For those hoping to provide extra security for their home window tinting Denver while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing exterior should consider having a professional install Security Window Film. Thus, reducing the damage and costs from thefts and vandalism.


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