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Dying to Quit? Try Los Angeles Smoking Hypnosis

by elenemeyers

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There are many reasons, most backed by research, to stop smoking, yet many smokers continue to light up. Daily, thousands of people all over the world pick up the habit of smoking, despite massive campaigns against it, prohibitions on cigarette ads, and increase of cigarette prices.

For many smokers, cessation is a very tough issue. Others have tried it more than a few times, while some don't even try to quit because they know that they don'r have the will to let a quitting plan succeed. The use of smoking hypnosis in Los Angeles has seen a resurgence as more people become more conscious about their health with hypnotherapists offering more affordable rates.

Like any other devices designed to cope with quitting smoking, hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is only a tool to let them achieve their goals. The key to stop smoking is the person's will to change for the better, his or her genuine desire to be free from the influence of cigarettes.

However, unlike other devices such as gums, patches, and electronic vapor cigarettes, hypnotherapy reinforces a person's will by tapping into his or her subconscious, making it a more effective tool in giving any person a stronger will to resist the urge to light up a cigarette. Many managed to successfully quit smoking after a session of hypnotherapy. According to reports, more than half of those who attended no more than four sessions came out smoke-free.

Hypnosis as a form of therapy for smoking, weight loss, and any other issue has not gained approval from the American Medical Association. It believes that more research should be done to determine its credibility before it can safely be prescribed to patients instead of simply recommending it to them if they wish to give it a try.

To make sure that the hypnotherapist you're considering to help you stop smoking in Los Angeles, ask them about their experience in the field and their credentials. Bear in mind that hypnotherapy as a medical practice can only be administered by medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and nurses. For more information on smoking cessation through hypnotherapy, check out the article at

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