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Why choose ColdFusion over PHP or Any Other Web Language?

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Coldfusion programmersThe choice of web programming language varies from one developer to another. As they have options to choose from a several web languages, programmers often choose the language that enables them to build dynamic and robust internet application at rapid pace. As a powerful web programming language, ColdFusion is being used widely by enterprises across the world. Adobe has further released ColdFusion 10 with a set of innovative and extended features to meet the latest trends in user choices and web application development.

If you are evaluating different programming languages, it is a good idea to choose the right option according to the nature and specific requirements of the internet application. However, you can always consider using ColdFusion to avail a number of advantages. Also, the programming language is powerful enough to create web pages on the fly using the information and content stored on various databases. Along with building the internet application at a rapid pace, the language will further contribute towards enhancing its performance, scalability and security.

Why Choose ColdFusion over Other Web Programming Languages?

Tag-Based Scripting Language: ColdFusion has evolved as a tag-based web programming language. So it does not required programmers to write longer lines of code, unlike other web programming languages. Instead of writing long code, a developer can simply use tags to add new features and functionality to the website. The feature further makes the scripting language both simple and easy-to-learn. A programmer familiar with HTML can learn ColdFusion without putting any extra time and effort. Also, the scripting language is designed based on Java. So the internet application becomes compatible with the operating systems and web browsers that support Java.

Support for HTML5: The popularity of a website, nowadays, depends on its compatibility with major operating systems and web browser. Also, an internet application must be accessible on both conventional and mobile devices to attract more users. So, programmers often look for easy ways to make the website compatible with major devices and operating systems. The developers use HTML5 to optimize the performance of their web application by suing syntactic tags like < video > and < audio >. The latest version of ColdFusion is designed with full support for HTML5. Some of the features like interactive HTML5 charting, webs sockets, video player and map functionality will allow you to build internet application to meet the latest technological trends.

Enhanced Web Services: Most new internet applications use web services to optimize user experience. So programmers often look for quick and simple ways to build robust web services. Unlike other web programming languages, ColdFusion is updated with support for Representational State Transfer (REST) web services. Also, the language supports all types of HTTP methods including XML serialization and JSON. The feature enables you to publish the ColdFusion Components as a RESTful web service. Adobe has further made it easier to build, publish and access the web services without writing long code. You can simply use the revamped engine that supports both SOAP 1.2 and WSDL 2.0 to optimize the usage of web services.

Content Driven Internet Application: Each user loves internet applications that use the most relevant and updated information. So the enterprises want their websites to be driven by dynamic data. Further, the information, content and files can be stored on several data sources. ColdFusion makes it easier for you to build on the fly webpages using the content stored on a database. You also have option to store several types of data and information as a single piece of content. So when a user types the URL, the webpage is created using dynamic data stored as pieces of content. The feature further enables you to optimize the performance of the website without regular content updates.

The updated version of ColdFusion also comes with a set of language enhancement features that help you in improving the quality and readability of the code. Also, you can optimize coding efficiency using features like CFC Method Chaining. If you are thinking of ColdFusion migration, please do ensure you do thorough research about the migration expertise of software development providers before you hand them the reign.

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