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Writing a Method Statement for Workers to Work Another Day

by natishaweimer

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Construction work is one of the highest forms of development mankind can be proud of. From massive pyramids, tombs, and temples of ancient Egypt to modern landmarks like Mount Rushmore, The Eiffel Tower, and the Sydney Opera House, mankind has truly striven hard to create gigantic monuments that have become symbols of greatness, intelligence, and innovation.

The difficulty in construction work, however, is that it's dangerous work. With heavy equipment, dizzying heights, and intense physical labor, not everyone is suited for the job. To keep people safe and help them get a feel of security and safety, the Australian government issued a safe work method statement policy where construction sites are required to produce statements that guarantee its workers that all safety protocols have been done.

What is a Safe Work Method Statement?

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a safety measurement, a document that shows all the things the company has done to create a work environment with minimal risk to safety. As numerous risks in construction such as falling debris, faulty equipment, and poor planning can happen, an SWMS helps make sure that companies have inspected and enumerated the possible risks.

Along with finding out the possible dangers in a construction site, companies are required to make measurements to reduce these risks and keep them under control, as well as how these measurements would prevent high risks. This statement could then become the basis for how work could be conducted safely and legally.

Writing an SWMS

Life and death situations are never treated lightly, so SWMS documents need to be as specific and complete as possible. When writing these, caution must be exercised in noting all the significant details. Companies can purchase a complete SWMS template from online stores or have someone help with writing them. Details that should be written in include personal protective equipment, certifications, authorized personnel, and step-by-step procedures.

Construction work is one of the greatest works of mankind, but methods used are very far from perfect. An SWMS is made to ensure workers and their families that things would be done by existing codes. Write a complete one and abide by it. To know more about SWMS, you can visit

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